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Job Description
The role of the Virtual Education Consultant is critical in bridging the gap between best practices and big data, along with dedication to help students aim for great colleges and enable their acceptance to the target college or university. The Consultant is similar to an academic counselor in a school setting, yet differentiated by the virtual setting that is offered by our online service delivery platform. additional work activities may involve regularly assigned research and development.

Desired Skills and Experience
Bachelors Degree in Education (Top 10 US University Graduates are highly encouraged to apply)
1-2 years of experience and related to college preparation service industry and college admissions.
Must be able to travel by car or airplane to our headquarter offices in the Bay Area and provide in-person consultation meetings to students twice or more times a year.

Job Responsibility
Responsible for case load providing college counseling and advisement for students and families individually and in small groups on all aspects of educational planning.
Assesses, designs and implements programs to meet needs of students and families regarding academics, standardized tests, extracurricular activities and college admissions.
For online consulting services, essay editing will be a very minimal part of the role and most likely be outsourced to a third party seasonal essay consultant

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